Specifications Comparison CLS and XLS

A few customers have pointed out that the specifications on our website for our older CLS series appear to be better than our new XLS series. The CLS was designed to represent Cerwin-Vega sound and experience, and is now replaced by the XLS which has improved performance over the CLS. At Cerwin-Vega! we continually strive to improve our products with every iteration. The XLS was designed with the benefit of our recent investment in highly advanced test equipment and optimization tools.

The reason the specifications appear different is related to the way they are measured and stated. For example when stating SPL, you can state a maximum level or an average level. When stating the bass extension of the frequency range, you can state that at -3 db, -10db or any other value. To put it simply, the XLS specifications were determined using a different criteria than the CLS specifications. Why the change? Besides our range of earthshaking home speakers, Cerwin-Vega! is a leading producer of professional speakers. In the pro world specification are generally more standardized and stated with qualifiers. As the same engineering team delivers our comprehensive home and premier professional solutions we have decided to use the more demanding professional standards when specifying our performance for home products.

To more clearly identify the changes, we have updated our CLS specifications on our website using the same criteria as the XLS specifications. Below is a comparison of the XLS-215 vs. CLS-215 using each criteria. Further we recommend that you not put too much value on the numbers, rather trust the Cerwin-Vega! reputation, legacy and your ears. The bottom line is both XLS and CLS rock and XLS plays louder and reproduces more bass energy than CLS.

SPL (max)
97db 99db
SPL (average)
93db 95db
Frequency Range (-10db)
30hz-20Khz 30hz-20Khz
Frequency Range (Audible range (80db)
24hz-20Khz 24hz-20Khz