Cerwin-Vega CVX Series Powered Loudspeakers

Live Sound Solutions with Portable Professional Powered Speakers

Selecting a powered speaker solution should never be a compromise. The Cerwin Vega CV Series speaker line delivers best in class design whether your audio needs are small, medium or large coverage applications. The CVX line of four powered speakers (single 10" and 15" tops, with 18" and 21" subwoofers) are true road warriors. With up to 1500 watts of clean power (2000 watts for Subwoofers), wide dispersion, fully defined bass, and smooth highs, the CVX speakers deliver a big, clear sound that blankets an audience evenly. All this is wrapped in a surprisingly portable enclosure for a modern, professional appeal that can withstand years of use. For touring, ballrooms, medium to larger clubs, outdoor venues, houses of worship, rentals and staging applications, the CVX line-fueled by Cerwin Vega's 65 years of professional live sound solutions-delivers power to spare, with accurate, sonic precision.
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  1. CVX Series 21" Powered Subwoofer
  2. CVX Series 18" Powered Subwoofer
  3. CVX Series 15" 2-Way Powered Speaker
  4. CVX Series10" 2-Way Powered Speaker
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