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Advantages of using SKAA rather than Bluetooth

Advantages of using SKAA rather than Bluetooth
Jay Rivera|

Advantages of using SKAA rather than Bluetooth

SKAA and Bluetooth are both wireless audio technologies, but they have some key differences.


SKAA is a newer technology that offers several advantages over Bluetooth, including:

  • SKAA is built for audio ... and only audio. It wasn't built for something else then "adapted" to do audio as an afterthought (like BT).
  • SKAA is Pro Grade tech.
  • SKAA has had multipoint capability built in from day one -- the ability to have multiple speakers all sync'd down to plus or minus one sample.
  • With Bluetooth onramps to SKAA networks, you actually get the best of both worlds. Cerwin Vega delivers on this "dream setup" with all of its SKAA-based products.
  • Unlike a lot of wireless in pro products, SKAA has excellent 2-channel support and multi-point support.
  • Better sound quality: SKAA uses a higher bitrate than Bluetooth, which results in better sound quality.
  • Lower latency: SKAA has lower latency than Bluetooth, which means that there is less delay between the audio source and the speaker. This is important for gaming and other applications where real-time audio is required.
  • Longer range: SKAA has a longer range than Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your music and movies without having to worry about dropouts.
  • More reliable: SKAA is more reliable than Bluetooth, so you can be confident that your audio will always be streamed smoothly.


Here are some specific examples of how SKAA can enhance your listening experience:

  • Watching movies and TV shows: SKAA's superior sound quality and lower latency can create a more immersive and realistic viewing experience. You can hear every whisper and explosion, even at low volumes.
  • Listening to music: SKAA's wide frequency response and high bitrate can reproduce all of the nuances of your favorite music. You can appreciate the different instruments and vocals in a way that you never could before.
  • Playing video games: SKAA's low latency can help you to feel more immersed in your favorite games. You can hear every footstep and gunshot as if you were right there.


Overall, SKAA is a more advanced wireless audio technology than Bluetooth. It offers better sound quality, lower latency, longer range (150ft), and more reliability. If you are looking for the best possible wireless audio experience, SKAA is the technology for you.


Here are some additional things to consider when choosing between SKAA and Bluetooth:

  • Device compatibility: SKAA is a relatively new technology, and Cerwin Vega is leading the way with powered speakers featuring SKAA wireless connectivity.
  • Price:SKAA devices are typically a little more expensive than Bluetooth devices. However, the small difference in price for full audio spectrum being transmitted without loss all on a rock solid wireless connection technology is well worth it for the superior audio quality and other advantages that SKAA offers.


If you are looking for the best possible wireless audio experience, then look for the SKAA technology built into our CV Products.

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