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CVXL 18" Powered Subwoofer


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The Cerwin-Vega CVXL-118S Active Subwoofer is the perfect companion for Cerwin-Vega CVXL Series active PA speaker. Featuring a premium-quality 18'' low-frequency woofer within a wooden enclosure, the CVXL-118 delivers exceptionally deep, room-filling and distortion-free bass responses down to 35Hz with a sound pressure level of 137dB. The Cerwin-Vega CVXL-118 is equipped with an integrated cardioid mode and polarity control which allows you to tailor the sonic performance for applications which require multiple subwoofers to be placed in close proximity while also reducing the rear volume and increasing the front volume by 6dB. Complete with a 2000-watt class-D amplifier and combo XLR/TRS input connectors, the Cerwin-Vega CVXL-118S subwoofer is perfect for live performance venues, medium to large clubs and outdoor applications alike.

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