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CVM Series Mixers

CVM Series Mixers
Jay Rivera|

Cerwin Vega is proud to present the next generation of its high-technology CVM Series Mixers.

These versatile mixers can operate either in a standard wired mode or in a wireless mode, including Bluetooth, SKAA, and SKAA Pro Modes.

Perfect for DJs who enjoy the ease of connections in a great compact size, the CVM mixers are ruggedly made to withstand the rigors of professional use.


Prominent Features:

CVM8      8-channel input
CVM10   10-channel input
CVM12   12-channel input
CVM16   16-channel input

3-band EQ on all microphone channels



 - High-pass filters and adjustable compressors on all microphone channels

 - USB/SD card recording/playback

 - Bluetooth playback

 - High-quality DSP effects

 - SKAA wireless reception and transmission in SKAA Pro Mode

 - Ultra-compact and lightweight design

 - USB interface can connect to computer for playback and recording

 - Ruggedized metal case

 - High gain antenna for error-free SKAA transmissions

 - Communicate wirelessly via SKAA Pro Mode (super low latency) upto 150 feet to Cerwin Vega's SKAA Compatible Speakers or or other SKAA devices.



The CVM mixers offer the perfect blend of features and portability for DJs who demand the best.

The high-quality components and construction ensure that the CVM mixers will deliver years of reliable service.

The CVM mixers are packed with features that make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from live sound to recording.

The CVM mixers are incredibly easy to use, even for beginners.



If you're looking for a mixer that offers the perfect blend of features, portability, and performance, then the Cerwin Vega CVM mixers are the perfect choice for you.

Loved by professional DJ's and music studios alike.

You can purchase directly from our website or you can visit your local Cerwin Vega dealer today, to learn more about our CVM mixers and experience the Cerwin Vega difference for yourself.

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