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EL-36DP: The folded horn that parted the sky!

EL-36DP: The folded horn that parted the sky!
Jay Rivera|

The Cerwin Vega EL-36DP: The Amplified Folded Horn to shake things up!

As a DJ, I've been playing at shows and venues of all sizes for over 10 years. In that time, I've used a lot of different subwoofers, but none of them compare to the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP. This subwoofer is a beast, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to deliver room-shaking bass with its deep penetrating 44Hz to 336Hz response.

I'll never forget the first time I used the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP. I was playing a show at a large venue, and I wanted to make sure that the bass was going to thump with purpose making it more of a personal sensation that people could feel. I cranked up the subwoofer, and the crowd went wild. The bass was so loud and powerful that it made the ground shake and some of my fans looked at each other like it was the second coming.

I think the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP is perfect for DJs because it can reproduces the lowest bass frequencies with such ease. This means that your music will sound sound full and rich, no matter what genre you're playing. The subwoofer is also incredibly loud, so you can easily fill a large venue with sound.

In addition to its power and sound quality and that oh so familar pleasant thump, the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP is also built to last. You can tell that it's made with high-quality materials and construction, and I know first hand that it can withstand the hearship of touring and everyday professional use.

If you're looking for a subwoofer that can deliver room-shaking bass the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP is your perfect choice. It's the GIGA of subwoofers, that I use at all of my shows, and it's never let me down.

A story about the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP:

I was playing a show at a large outdoor venue. It was a hot summer night, and the crowd was packed in. I was playing a mix of hip hop, house, and techno, and the crowd was loving it.

I had my Cerwin Vega EL-36DP subwoofer cranked up, and the bass was thumping. The crowd was dancing and singing along to every word.

At one point, I played a drop that made the ground shake. The crowd went wild. People were jumping up and down, and they were all smiling.

I knew then that the Cerwin Vega EL-36DP was the best giant subwoofer I had ever used. It was the perfect subwoofer for getting a crowd moving.

If you're a DJ who is looking for a Mega subwoofer that can deliver that room-shaking bass this folded horn is right for you my friend, as it does the job. It's the only Mega sized subwoofer I use at all of my shows, so part the skys and let music shine down on you..

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