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$349.99 USD
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Color: Black



This is our first model series being developed after relocating to our Los Angeles, CA office, and we felt it only fitting that we call these the LA Series!

Our LA series passive speakers coupled with our active subwoofer have been carefully crafted to compliment each other with exacting sound coverage and deliver a phenomenal sound quality in a smaller footprint at a very affordable price.

Perfect for those who enjoy quality music, but need a smaller footprint for their living spaces. Students will especially appreciate the powerful, rich sounding bookshelf/desktop speakers as well.

Prominent Features:

  • Speaker Colors Offered: Black, Cognac, Expresso and White
  • Gold coated connectors (also accepts banana plugs).
  • Full range sound book case/desktop speakers and towers .
  • Choice of full range towers to select from to satisfy everyone’s needs.
  • Powerful Subwoofer with both high-level and low-level inputs. High-level output can connect to your towers
  • to drive them without the need for extra speaker wires going to your sound source which makes for a cleaner looking installation.
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