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RPM XED 100W RMS Waterproof Soundbar System


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SB4X - Six Speaker Water Proof Sound Bar System


The Cerwin Vega SB4X is a high-performance soundbar system that combines durability, versatility, and high-quality audio. Its configuration of eight full-range speakers and two high-frequency tweeters ensures a rich and balanced sound output suitable for any environment. The all-weather construction makes it perfect for outdoor use, including marine settings. The integrated Bluetooth receiver and auxiliary inputs provide flexible connectivity.

With easy mounting options and included installation wiring, the SB4X is user-friendly and can be installed on a variety of vehicles and structures. Whether for a golf cart, ATV, UTV, or boat, the Cerwin Vega SB4X soundbar system delivers powerful audio performance and durability, making it an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts who need a reliable and versatile sound system for their adventures.

The Cerwin Vega SB4X is a robust and versatile ten-speaker waterproof soundbar system designed to deliver high-quality audio in a wide range of environments. Here are the detailed features and specifications of the Cerwin Vega SB4X:

Key Features:

  • Speaker Configuration: Eight 3” Full Range Speakers: Provide rich and full audio across a wide frequency range. Two 1” High Frequency Tweeters: Deliver clear and crisp high-frequency sounds for a balanced audio experience.
  • Durability and Construction: All-Weather Construction: Built to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for use in outdoor and marine environments.
  • Connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth Receiver: Allows for wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices, offering convenience and flexibility. Auxiliary Input: 3.5mm input for connecting external devices such as MP3 players, smartphones, or tablets via a wired connection. Auxiliary Output: Enables connection to an external amplifier or additional soundbar for expanded audio capabilities.
  • Mounting Options: Mounting Clamps: Designed to fit 1.75” and 2” bars, making it versatile for mounting on various vehicles and structures. Long Bolts: Included for secure mounting on golf cart tubes or other similar structures.
  • Installation: Power, Ground, and Accessory Wire Included: Comes with all necessary wiring for easy and straightforward installation.


  • Speaker Configuration: Eight 3-inch full-range speakers Two 1-inch high-frequency tweeters
  • Construction: All-weather, waterproof design
  • Bluetooth: Integrated receiver for wireless streaming
  • Inputs/Outputs: 3.5mm auxiliary input Auxiliary output for external amplifier or additional soundbar
  • Mounting: Clamps for 1.75” and 2” bars Long bolts for golf cart tube mounting
  • Wiring: Includes power, ground, and accessory wires

Four 4" Full Range Speakers and Two 1" High Frequency Tweeters

All Weather Construction for Use in Almost Any Environment

Integrated Bluetooth Receiver

Auxiliary Input for Connecting Devices Via 3.5mm Cable

Auxiliary Output for Connecting An External Amplifier or Additional Sound Bar

Mounting Clamps Fit 1.75” and 2” Bars

Long Bolts for Golf Cart “Tube” mounting

Power, Ground, and Accessory Wire Included for Easy Installation

Dimensions: 26.6” x 3.17” x 4.11” 677 x 98.5 x 104.4mm

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