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Prominent Features:

Introducing our exceptional powered nearfield studio monitors, renowned for their remarkable versatility across various musical genres. With outstanding full-range audio DSP control, these monitors deliver a truly immersive experience.

Experience the convenience of wired or wireless connectivity with our state-of-the-art active speakers. For home desktop users, seamless wireless connection is made possible through Bluetooth 5.0+ or our embedded SKAA low latency high speed technology.

Unleash the power of SKAA & SKAA Pro technology for those seeking to synchronize multiple speakers across different rooms, ensuring a synchronized music playback throughout your space. This embedded SKAA technology allows for effortless connectivity and hassle-free operation.

For professionals seeking real-time music mixing capabilities, our embedded SKAA Pro technology provides a seamless solution. Experience the freedom to fine-tune your audio compositions with precision and efficiency.

Enjoy wireless connectivity at its finest, with impressive connection distances. Bluetooth 5 Meters+ ensures a reliable connection in close proximity, while SKAA mode extends the range up to an impressive 30 Meters+. Choose our superior powered nearfield studio monitors, engineered to elevate your music experience to new heights.


  • SKAA operating system is a universal, wireless audio protocol designed to transport high fidelity audio at extremely low, fixed latencies over the 2.4 GHz ISM band and is embedded into all of our VEGA Studio Monitors.
  • SKAA’s feature set makes it capable of transmitting wireless audio from video, gaming and music devices which make it perfect for wireless instruments and home theatre applications.
  • SKAA is designed to maintain compatibility across all SKAA compatible devices.
  • Any SKAA receiver that is embedded into our monitors can Bond up and receive audio from Any SKAA transmitter (our studio HUB or separate standalone transmitters).
  • The range of our unobstructed SKAA transmission can reach a distance of 150+ feet.

“SAT” (i.e., Satellite) Speaker Connections.

The SAT speaker only operates by receiving SKAA wireless signal.

* No other types of audio connections are permitted to a SAT speaker.

Typical audio connection types allowed to connect to the monitor SAT Speaker are as follows.

  1. Studio Monitor HUB (has built in SKAA transmitter) once bonded to the SAT.
  2. Purchase separately a SKAA transmitter adapter that plugs into a devices USB Port and then bonded to the SAT.

SKAA USB Micro Transmitter plug-in adapter dongle for phone/tablets, etc.

SKAA USB "C" transmitter plug-in adapter dongle for phone/tablets, etc.

SKAA USB "A" connection adapter dongle for Computer USB ports.

SKAA standalone portable "Dani" direct TRS line input transmitter:

  • Allows direct audio line-input connections and transmits SKAA out to the SAT.
  • Built in rechargeable battery operates up to 14 hours on a single charge.

Note: SKAA transmitters by their very nature allow up to 4 speakers to bond to a single SKAA transmitter.

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