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Cerwin Vega Featured Artist The Dirty Pearls

Cerwin Vega Featured Artist The Dirty Pearls
Amir Hossain|

The Dirty Pearls

In the tradition of such glam rock icons as David Bowie, T.Rex and the New York Dolls, The Dirty Pearls are breathing new life into hard rock-n-roll with a long-forgotten attitude. The band, which came out of New York City's Lower East Side, first hit the scene in 2010. Since then, it has ignited audiences across the country with its high-energy live shows, featuring the catchy lyrics and ultra-loud sounds of the songs from the band's debut album, Whether You Like it or Not.

The group, which comprises Tommy London on lead vocals, Sunny Climbs and Tommy Mokas on guitar and vocals, Doug Wright on bass and Marty E. on drums, has played shows with such high-profile groups and performers as Kiss, The Darkness, Scott Weiland, Jet, Bret Michaels and Andrew W.K. The Dirty Pearls will be touring in early 2013 with Lady Gaga as part of her Born this Way Ball tour.

In its travels, the band has played such notable venues as the Bowery Ballroom in New York City; the Moodswing Nightclub in Wilmington, Delaware; Republic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Encore Nightclub in Tacoma, Washington and the Viper Room in Hollywood, among others. Most recently, it rocked the stage at the Cerwin Vega Guitar Showroom in New York City, where it headlined a Cerwin Vega Pro Audio event supporting the launch of the new Cerwin-Vega! P-Series speakers. The Dirty Pearls' energy-filled sound complimented the P-Series perfectly, demonstrating the speakers consistently clear and powerful performance.

"The P-Series launch event in NYC was the first time we played through the P-Series speakers," says London. "We noticed that the audience that night was even more enthusiastic than usual, and you could just tell that the electricity of the sound went through them and came back to us. It was just amazing. The P-series brought it!"

The Dirty PearlsLaunched in September 2012, Cerwin-Vega!'s P-Series professional PA system includes two active speaker products, the P1500X and the P1800SX. The P1500X is a versatile two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker employing a 15-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver, powered by a custom Class-D amp. With a rating of 1500W, the P1500X is the most powerful PA product in its price class.

The muscle of the P-Series is the P1800SX, a powered subwoofer employing an 18-inch woofer with a custom 2000W Class-D amp. The large woofer and amplifier are enclosed in a hardwood cabinet, a combination that provides a high level of bass punch and extreme low-end response. Like the P1500X, the P1800SX has frequency-shaping controls, a VEGA BASS boost and a high-pass filter switch (as a built-in crossover) that ensures the user has the right amount of bass for a particular venue.

"As a rock band, we're used to playing with sub-par stage monitoring it comes with the territory," says Mokas. "But when you step on stage and the speakers are powerful and present, they allow you to perform in a much more effortless fashion, very much like a good instrument will. The P-Series monitors are strong and crisp, without the mush that makes you uncomfortable."

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