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Cerwin Vega Featured Artist Compressorhead

Cerwin Vega Featured Artist Compressorhead
Jay Rivera|


They say robots will rule the world someday, and considering they are already taking over the music scene, that might be true. Compressorhead, a German heavy metal rock band-emphasis on metal-takes its name from the compressor unit it uses to power up before shows, ensuring that the musicians play through their entire set list without running down. And though this may seem a bit strange, it's not, because the three band members a drummer, bass player and guitarist are all electronically controlled mechanical robots. Known as Stickboy, Bones and Fingers, the titanium trio was built, and continues to evolve, in Berlin, Germany, drawing musical inspiration from bands such as Black Sabbath, The Hanson Brothers and NoMeansNo.

Compressorhead prides itself on the catchphrase, "Oil is thicker than blood," a statement that serves them well. Though the robots do not possess brains, they certainly have the chops to put on a rip-roaring, high-energy show. The band boasts a steady following of fans, which it refers to as "meatbags." But the popularity has not gone to their heads. Coming from humble roots, Compressorhead really requests the bare minimum in its rider, demanding only lubricant oil, because all musicians, whether robotic or human, play best when they're limber and three bags of assorted nuts.

Stickboy, created six years ago, is the eldest of the metal men. Fingers and Bones sprung to life shortly thereafter. "After one year of solo shows, I realized that I was in a league of my own," Stickboy says. "I spent many days and nights searching the darkest, dirtiest scrap yards to find the ultimate trash metal band members to join me on this musical endeavor."

Compressorhead aims to deliver high-quality performances full of pulsating power, which is why the band relies on the Cerwin-Vega! P-Series for its sound system. "We like to play it loud and proud," Stickboy says. "That's why we chose the P-Series. Its powerful yet compact design means we have plenty of space on stage to rock out but also have enough sound delivery to please everyone, even the meatbags still lining up outside."

CompressorheadThe band's stage setup includes eight P1500X two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speakers and eight of the P1800SX powered subwoofers to deliver "more than 20 kilowatts of pure pleasure," Stickboy says. Equipped with a large woofer and amplifier, each P1800SX delivers Cerwin-Vega!s signature high-level bass punch with extreme end-low response. The sleek and sufficient hemi-conical horn of the P1500Xs pumps an even, enhanced sound clarity across venues of all sizes.

"The first time we plugged in our new Cerwin-Vega! sound system, we were floored," Stickboy says. "When you have a band composed entirely of robots, control is a very important factor. We pride ourselves on precision, and we get that with the P-Series. We can be confident that our sound is going to deliver and the meatbags are going to be rocking out to some awesome audio."

Compressorhead will perform on stages around the globe this fall and are already scheduled to play in a number of upcoming concerts, including shows in the U.S., Canada and Germany. To learn more about the eclectic group and their music, visit


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