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CV Development Team

CV Development Team
Jay Rivera|

To All Cerwin Vega Fans,

Cerwin Vega has gone through many changes over the years, but we are now back and better than ever!

We are currently busy creating new products, and recently released our passive speakers "LA Series", and our new high technology active VEGA STUDIO MONITORS.

We are currently working on a very long list of new product development.

We will soon release our CVM Mixers with embedded Bluetooth and SKAA high speed wireless technology that transmits the full audio spectrum, you can read more about SKAA in the Pro Blog found here.

We know that our fans are passionate about our products, and we are grateful for your feedback and support. We are constantly innovating and developing new products that incorporate the latest technologies. We are also committed to listening to our fans and taking your comments to heart.

Notably, we have received several emails and comments from fans asking us to continue making large, more powerful home speakers.

Please know that we hear you, and that resonates very well with me, as I too being the developer, have a passion for these as well!

Standby for future updates!

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