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TV Sound out via Bluetooth has lag time, is there a better option using wireless speakers?

TV Sound out via Bluetooth has lag time, is there a better option using wireless speakers?
Jay Rivera|

Good Question!

Are you tired of getting audio hiccups from your high end TV to your Bluetooth speakers, or delayed sound where the video on screen does not match the audio as it out of step with each other?

Why not elevate your TV audio and unlock a richer soundscape and avoid that audio delay like you get with Bluetooth?

Consider combining an SKAA TosLink transmitter with a pair of our VEGA10SB-PR (HUB & SAT) SKAA Speakers, which are connected to the optical/digital sound output socket on your TV. Thanks to the exceptional audio quality, you'll be able to watch your favorite movies with no audio latency and enjoy great audio to go along with your TV viewing experience.

Note: the VEGA10SB-HUB can be put into SKAA mode by an easy push button on the back panel.

The VEGA10SB-SAT speaker is always in SKAA so nothing to do before use other than turn the power switch on.

Bid farewell to audio hiccups, signal dropouts, connectivity issues, fidelity loss, and audio-video syncing delays. With SKAA and the VEGA10SB-PR (HUB & SAT), you'll experience the full breadth of audio without the limitations of Bluetooth.


How does this magic work?

The SKAA TosLink transmitter serves as a bridge between your TV's optical audio output and your SKAA-enabled VEGA10SB-PR (HUB & SAT) speakers.

The SKAA TosLink transmitter converts the digital audio signal from the TV optical output into a wireless high speed full audio spectrum signal that can be seamlessly received by any of our VEGA STUDIO MONITORS. An example for the deep rich audio experience we suggest using our VEGA10SB-PR which as embeded SKAA receivers designed and built into them. This allows you to enjoy highest-quality audio without audio delays.

Question: Ok, but my TV is some distance from the speakers, can your setup handle that?

Answer: in almost every case yes, the SKAA TosLink transmitter can transmit signals upto 100 feet indoors. It is likely that your VEGA10SB-PR speakers are well within the 100 foot requirement.

Also SKAA transmitters can connect upto 4 speakers at the same time to the same audio stream.


Connecting Your TV to SKAA TosLink Transmitter and VEGA10SB SKAA Speaker Monitors

Gather the Required Equipment: Ensure you have the following items:

SKAA TosLink transmitter shown below.

SKAA TosLink Transmitter


A pair of VEGA10SB-PR SKAA Monitors (Hub and Sat shown, these are sold as a pair).

Connecting the the SKAA Transmitter to Your TV:

On your TV, look for the optical audio output port, which is usually marked "Optical Out" or "Digital Audio Out."
Carefully place one end of the optical cable into your TV's optical output port.
Attach the other end of the optical cable to the SKAA TosLink transmitter's optical input port.
Turn on the transmitter by inserting the USB end of your TosLink cable into the USB port on your TV. With the the VEGA10SB SKAA Speaker Monitors powered on an LED light on the transmitter should switch on automatically.

On VEGA10SB (HUB) monitor, switch the audio input to SKAA mode.

Note: push the audio input button selector switch to cycle over to the SKAA mode.

example: each button press switches over from Line Input to Bluetooth mode to SKAA mode. 

With your SKAA TosLink transmitter and VEGA10SB SKAA Speaker Monitors successfully connected, you can now immerse yourself in the captivating audio of your favorite TV shows and movies. The wireless connection eliminates the constraints of wires, allowing you to move freely around your living space while enjoying high-quality audio.

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