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Cerwin Vega Featured Artists The Shys

Cerwin Vega Featured Artists The Shys
Amir Hossain|

The Shys

"The Cerwin-Vega! sound system is a cut above the rest. At SXSW, the sound seemed to fill up the area of the outdoor venue and provided us with a more inspired, enjoyable performance. We like to feel the music we are playing and hear it loudly, clearly and well mixed. This enables us to give the best performance we can... the way it was meant to be heard. Cerwin-Vega! is in a class all its own." - Kyle Krone of The Shys

Like a pair of black and white chuck taylors or a good leather jacket there are just some things that never go out of style, some things are just eternally cool. Among the many variations of modern artist vying to outdo each other with an array of gimmicks shtick and technologic smoke and mirrors The Shys bring a novel approach to the idea of being a band. Five young guys who play their instruments,write their own songs and look cool doing it. Its a simple pleasure,a classic pursuit, its as refreshing as pouring a cold beer and lighting a smoke or reverting back to watching the effortlessly cool Marlon Brando in "The Wild One". Its a breath of fresh air after the suffocation of glossy blockbuster pop culture or the stuffy self obsessed art school experiments.

The Shys formula is not as complicated as it is classic. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kyle Krone had two best friends, band mates Alex Kweskin (bass and vocals) and Chris Wulff (guitar), after the romance of their childhood dreams of becoming pro-baseball players and race car drivers wore off what was left was three kids who loved music and wanted to play make it together. From the summer of 1998 on the three inseparable best friends could almost always be found in the garage or home made studio stringing together song after song in place of the more common activities that occupied the time of most kids their age. In San Clemente California a town most famous for its legendary Surf spots and West Coast White House five members of The Shys were discovering bands and that would takes them far from their sleepy sea side community to 1960s Britain and New York's Lower East Side and Detroit's Sixties soul and beyond.

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