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The Rage Performing Arts Complex

The Rage Performing Arts Complex
Amir Hossain|
<p> Nestled in Granada Hills, California, The Rage Performing Arts Complex is a prime spot for children of all ages to train for a career in entertainment. Not only does the 13,000-square-foot complex house six rehearsal rooms, an acting room equipped for on-camera training, a recording studio and a 99-seat theater, it also boasts state-of-the-art sound equipment, including a PA system and wireless microphones. When the kids need a break, they can relax at the facility's zebra-themed lounge. Often used for birthday parties, it has a theater-style movie-screen bar, booths and plush seating.</p>

<p> At any given time, up to 200 children are taking classes at The Rage. Most are triple-threat talents-able to sing, dance and act, among other skills. The Burton family, which owns The Rage, has recruited several high-profile entertainment and music producers to offer their time, talent and coordination of gear to support the complex. One of these professionals is Dwayne "Dcat" Cornelius of DCat Music Network Platinum. First introduced to The Rage by Andrew Lane, a well-known producer for Disney films, including the High School Musical franchise, Dcat fell in love with the complex and its work. </p>

<p> "As soon as I saw the recording room in there, I suggested we team up and have an annex to our own pro studios," he says. "I just loved what I saw; all the potential these children had! I made a deal with the owner of The Rage that I would bring in all the gear and software necessary to be used with her computer equipment and we partnered up and built a music program. We've been working together ever since."</p>

<p> Included in that roster of gear are a few 15-inch Cerwin-Vega! CVP-1152 PA speakers, which are part of the company's Passive series. The speakers are typically paired with a variety of Stanton equipment, including CD players, twin cassette decks and more. </p>

<p> "Those speakers are so powerful," says Dcat. "We can be sitting in a shopping mall and can make it sound like there is a big earthquake happening in the middle of it. The dancers love them because they allow them to really feel the music, which is very important. Plus, there is nothing worse than having bad sound. There is something so great about having that warm bottom these speakers provide, you just know when it's missing and something doesn't sound or feel good."</p>

<p> Dcat and the staff at The Rage also appreciate the equipment's durability and compact size. This helps free up space for the dancers, while the speakers stand up to the kids jumping on top of them during performances.</p>

<p> In addition to the equipment at the complex, when they are on the road, Dcat and The Rage staff also utilizes Cerwin-Vega!'s 18-inch CVA-118 active subwoofers and the versatile dual eight-inch CVA-28 active full-range speakers. Each year The Rage visits approximately 100 schools, where staff members teach students on site. Moving forward, Dcat plans to incorporate a variety of Stanton's DJ gear to The Rage's on-the-road arsenal, as well as on-site at the complex.</p>
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