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Since 1954, Cerwin-Vega has been dedicated to enhancing the musical experience for people worldwide by means of acoustic research and by providing unique high-performance loudspeaker and amplification products that embody innovation and technical excellence. Cerwin-Vega prides itself in design goals emphasizing low distortion, high efficiency, and extended bass response resulting in products with superior performance for dynamic musical impact, providing you the ultimate “sensory assault” audio experience!

Cerwin-Vega engineering innovations produced several original speaker design patents, including the Stroker™ dual spider woofer, used today in Cerwin-Vega’s most powerful Mobile Audio subwoofer, the Stroker Pro Classic available in 18” size. High-efficiency and very reliable amplification utilized in our CVE series Pro Audio products provides the ultimate performance and value. Cerwin-Vega Home Audio goes over the top with dual 15” floor tower standing speakers made available for your extreme in-home listening party and movie experience!

Keep your musical listening desires satisfied with Cerwin-Vega, the LOUD music company!

“ The Cerwin-Vega dynasty continues with the acquisition by “CV & DA Holdings LLC”. We are looking forward to another 50 years of staying on top in the audio business with products that are worthy of the Cerwin-Vega heritage. ”

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