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2 Channel Line Output Converter 2-In, 2-Out


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IOEM22 - 2 Channel Line Output Converter 2-In, 2-Out

Introducing the ultimate solution for turbocharging your car audio experience: our 2-Channel Line-Output Converter! Here's why you absolutely need to get your hands on this sleek and powerful device: 


  • Ideal Interface For Adding an Aftermarket Amplifier: Ready to take your car audio system to the next level? Our converter is the perfect bridge between your factory stereo and your shiny new aftermarket amplifier. Say goodbye to bland factory sound and hello to premium audio performance!
  • Precision Matched, Stereo & Level Gain Adjustment: Tired of fiddling with complicated settings? We've simplified the process with our single-dial, precision-matched gain adjustment. Now, you can fine-tune the stereo balance and volume levels effortlessly, ensuring every beat and note hits just right.
  • High-Level Input Sensitivity: Don't let your music be held back by weak signals! Our converter boasts an impressive 40 Volts RMS high-level input sensitivity, capturing every nuance of your favorite tracks with crystal-clear precision.
  • Powerful Low-Level RCA Output: Pump up the volume with confidence! With up to 9.5 Volts RMS low-level RCA output, our converter delivers a robust signal to your amplifier, unleashing the full potential of your audio setup.
  • Customizable Load Input Impedance: Tailor your sound to perfection! Choose from selectable load input impedance options (20Ω / 60Ω / 20KΩ) to match your specific audio setup, ensuring seamless integration and maximum performance.
  • Advanced Ground Isolation Options: Say goodbye to annoying buzz and interference! Our converter offers selectable ground isolation settings (GND / ISO / 200Ω), minimizing noise for a cleaner, more immersive listening experience.
  • Compact and Convenient Design: Don't let bulky equipment cramp your style! Our converter's compact dimensions (3.74” x 3.9” x 0.94”) make it easy to install discreetly in your vehicle, while its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your audio setup.

2-Channel (2 IN / 2 OUT) Line-Output Converter

Ideal Interface For Adding an Aftermarket Amplifier

Single Dial, Precision Matched, Stereo & Level Gain Adjustment

Up to 40 Volts RMS High Level Input Sensitivity

Up to 9.5 Volts RMS Low-level RCA Output

Selectable 20Ω / 60Ω / 20KΩ Load Input Impedance

Selectable GND / ISO / 200Ω Ground Isolation

Dimensions: 3.74” x 3.9” x 0.94” (95.1 x 99.2 x 24 mm)

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