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RPM Stroker 2-Way 6.5" 4Ω Speaker W/ Flush Mount 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter


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SM65F4 - 2-Way 6.5" 4Ω  Speaker W/ Flush Mount 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter 


The Cerwin Vega SM65F4 speakers are an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality sound and durability in challenging environments. Their robust construction, impressive power handling, and wide frequency response make them ideal for marine and outdoor applications. The flush mount design and integrated RGB LED lighting add aesthetic value, while the weather-resistant features ensure long-lasting performance. Whether for a boat, outdoor vehicle, or any environment where durability and sound quality are paramount, the SM65F4 speakers deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

The Cerwin Vega SM65F4 is a high-quality, 2-way, 6.5-inch speaker system designed to deliver excellent audio performance and durability, particularly in challenging environments. Below are the detailed features and specifications of the Cerwin Vega SM65F4:

Key Features:

  • 2-Way Speaker System: Combines a 6.5-inch woofer with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter for balanced sound reproduction across a wide frequency range.
  • Titanium Dome Tweeter: Ensures clear and crisp high-frequency sound, enhancing overall audio clarity.
  • Flush Mount Design: Allows for easy and seamless installation, making the speakers less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • High Temp Injection Molded Composite Basket: Provides a sturdy and heat-resistant structure for the speaker.
  • Molded, UV-Coated, Patent-Pending Waterproof Composite Paper Cone: Designed to withstand water spray, saltwater, and UV exposure, ensuring long-lasting durability in marine and outdoor environments.
  • Power Rating: 125 watts RMS (continuous power) and 250 watts MAX (peak power), providing ample power for robust sound output.
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms, compatible with a wide range of amplifiers and audio systems.
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz - 18kHz, covering a broad spectrum of audio frequencies for a full and rich sound experience.
  • Ferrite Magnet Motor Structure with Max Xmax Suspension: Enhances the speaker’s ability to produce deep bass and maintain stability during high excursions.
  • Water Spray and Salt Water Resistant: Built to resist water and salt, making it ideal for marine and outdoor use.
  • 100% UV Stable: Ensures the speaker can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without degrading.
  • Integrated RGB LED Lighting: Adds a customizable lighting element, enhancing the visual appeal of the speaker and providing ambient lighting.

2-Way 1 inch 25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter Speaker System (Pair)

Flush Mount Design

Power Rating: 125W RMS / 250W MAX

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Frequency Response: 70Hz - 18kHz

Mounting Depth: 2.56”

Cut-out Diameter: 5.63”

Water Spray and Salt Water Resistant, 100% UV Stable

Ferrite Magnet Motor Structure With Max Xmax Suspension

High Temp Injection Molded Composite Basket

Molded, UV-Coated, Patent Pending Waterproof Composite Paper Cone

Integrated RGB LED Lighting

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