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5 Band Pre-Amp Equalizer with Bass Processor


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EQP850 - 5-Band Pre-Amp Equalizer with Bass Processors

The Cerwin-Vega EQP850 5-Band Pre-Amp Equalizer with Bass Processors is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve superior sound customization in their car audio system. With its detailed frequency control, high output capabilities, and versatile input options, the EQP850 provides enhanced audio performance and overall sound quality. Whether you are a casual listener or an audio enthusiast, this equalizer allows you to tailor your listening experience with precision and style.

The Cerwin-Vega EQP850 is a robust 5-band pre-amp equalizer designed to provide superior sound quality and extensive audio control for car audio enthusiasts. Equipped with advanced features like a high output voltage, bass processors, and versatile input options, the EQP850 is perfect for achieving an optimal audio experience in any vehicle.

Key Features:

  • 5-Band Parametric Equalization:
  • Adjustable Frequency Bands: Allows precise control over five distinct frequency bands, enabling users to fine-tune the audio output to their specific preferences.
  • High Output Level:
  • Up to 9 Volts RMS Output: Provides a powerful, clean signal to amplifiers, ensuring minimal noise and distortion for high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Subwoofer Control and Bass Processing:
  • Separate Subwoofer Level Control: Dedicated control for adjusting the subwoofer output level independently from the main audio, ensuring precise bass management.
  • Bass Processors: Enhances and restores bass frequencies for a richer, more dynamic low-end response.
  • Filtering Options:
  • Selectable Low Pass Filter: Allows for precise control over the low-frequency output, directing only the desired frequencies to the subwoofer.
  • Versatile Input Options:
  • High-Level Input: Compatible with high-level input signals from OEM head units or other audio sources.
  • Selectable MP3 Input: Dedicated input for MP3 players or other portable audio devices.
  • Auxiliary Input: Additional input for connecting external audio devices.
  • Aux/Mains Select Switch: Easily switch between auxiliary input and main audio source for convenience.
  • Illumination Control:
  • Multiple Color Backlit Illumination Control Panel: Customizable illumination for the control panel, enhancing visibility and aesthetics inside the vehicle

Output Voltage: Up to 9 volts RMS

Frequency Bands: 5 adjustable bands for detailed sound shaping

High-Level Input: For direct connection to speaker outputs

Auxiliary Input: For connecting external audio devices

Selectable MP3 Input: Dedicated input for MP3 players

Subwoofer Level Control: Dedicated knob for subwoofer output adjustment

Low Pass Filter: Selectable filter for subwoofer tuning

Aux/Mains Select Switch: Toggle between auxiliary and main input sources

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