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XED 6.5" 2-way XED Series Marine Grade Coaxial Speakers (White)


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XM65W - 6.5" 2-way XED Series Marine Grade Coaxial Speakers - White


The Cerwin Vega XM65W 6.5" 2-way XED Series Marine Grade Coaxial Speakers are an excellent choice for those seeking affordable and reliable marine speakers. These entry-level speakers provide good value with features like UV resistance, waterproof and salt-resistant construction, and durable materials such as a solid ABS basket and coated polypropylene cone. With a power handling capability of 30W RMS and 60W MAX, they are suitable for various marine audio applications, delivering dynamic full-range audio. The included stainless steel hardware ensures a secure and lasting installation, making the XM65W speakers a great option for enhancing your marine or outdoor audio system.

The Cerwin Vega XM65W is a set of 6.5-inch 2-way marine-grade coaxial speakers from the XED Series, designed to provide reliable and good value audio performance in marine and outdoor environments. These entry-level speakers offer a combination of durability and sound quality at an affordable price point. Here are the detailed features and specifications of the Cerwin Vega XM65W:

Key Features:

  • Speaker Configuration:
  • 2-Way Coaxial Speaker System: Combines a mid-range driver with a tweeter for balanced and dynamic full-range audio.
  • Power Handling:
  • Power Rating: 30 watts RMS (continuous power) and 60 watts MAX (peak power), suitable for various audio setups without requiring high power.
  • Durability and Construction:
  • UV Resistant: Meets ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance, ensuring the speakers can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without degrading.
  • Solid ABS Basket: Provides a sturdy and resilient structure that can endure harsh marine conditions.
  • Coated Polypropylene Cone: Designed to resist moisture and provide durability while delivering clear sound reproduction.
  • High Powered Ferrite Magnet: Enhances the speaker’s efficiency and sound quality.
  • Environmental Resistance:
  • Waterproof and Salt Resistant: Built to resist water and salt, making it ideal for use in marine environments.
  • Marine Grade Construction: Engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions often encountered in marine and outdoor settings.
  • UV Treated Speaker Cone: Adds extra protection against the sun's harmful rays, 


  • Speaker Size: 6.5 inches
  • Power Handling: 30W RMS / 60W MAX
  • Impedance: Typically 4 ohms (common for most marine speakers)
  • UV Resistance: ASTM-D4329 compliant
  • Basket Material: Solid ABS
  • Cone Material: Coated polypropylene
  • Magnet Structure: High powered ferrite magnet
  • Environmental Resistance: Waterproof, salt-resistant, and UV treated

30W RMS/60W Max Power Handling

2 Way Coaxial Speaker

UV Resistant to ASTM-D4329 Standard

Solid ABS Basket

Coated Polypropylene Cone

High Powered Ferrite Magnet

Waterproof and Salt Resistant

Marine Grade Construction Adhering To Extreme Environmental Conditions

UV Treated Speaker Cone

Stainless Steel Hardware Included

Dynamic Full-range Audio For Superior Sound

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