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We have been working diligently engineering and refining our new high tech CVM mixers embedded with SKAA Pro Technology that every DJ and artist needs in their musical arsenal.

Prominent Features:

  • Cut the Cord, Amplify Your Sound: Introducing CVM Audio Mixers
  • Our high-grade all-steel construction mixers are built to withstand the intended bumps and bruises of your musical excursions, adventures, and yes, even your misadventures! High-quality components ensure reliable performance perfect for capturing the warmth and richness of analog audio. The intuitive design makes for a seamless set-up! For those seeking next-level features, our SKAA Pro wireless technology offers a learning curve that's as smooth as the crystal-clear, low-latency connection itself.
  • Transmit full high-fidelity audio over 150 feet, with no dropouts or lost audio for a connection certified experience! Plus, with built-in Bluetooth, DSP effects, and the ability to handle wired, Bluetooth, and SKAA Pro inputs and SKAA Pro outputs, these mixers offer unparalleled versatility for any live performance or studio session.
  • Ready to experience the future of audio?
  • Complete the sound experience with a CVM Audio Mixer today!
  • SKAA & SKAA Pro technology. If you want to connect multiple speakers in different rooms so they all play the same music you can using our embedded SKAA technology.
  • Professionals who would like to mix music in real time can using our embedded SKAA Pro technology.
  • Typical wireless connection distances: Bluetooth 5 Meters+, SKAA mode 30 Meters+.
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