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Cerwin Vega Bass Maximizer Processor


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CVM3 - Cerwin Vega Bass Maximizer Processor 


The Cerwin-Vega CVM3 Bass Maximizer Processor is a powerful and versatile tool for car audio enthusiasts looking to enhance their bass performance. With its high input and output handling, advanced line driver circuitry, and user-friendly controls, the CVM3 provides exceptional bass optimization and clarity. The inclusion of a dash mount remote control and adjustable subsonic filter ensures ease of use and protection, making it a reliable and valuable addition to any car audio setup.

The Cerwin-Vega CVM3 Bass Maximizer Processor is designed to enhance and optimize the bass output in car audio systems. This processor integrates advanced line driver circuitry and bass equalization features to deliver deep, powerful, and clear bass, making it an essential tool for audio enthusiasts seeking superior sound quality.

The CVM3 Bass Maximizer Processor boosts and restores bass frequencies, ensuring a rich and immersive listening experience. With its high input and output capabilities, user-friendly remote control, and adjustable filters, the CVM3 offers precise control over bass performance, making it a valuable addition to any car audio setup.

Key Features:

  • High Input and Output Levels:
  • 15V RMS Maximum Input Level: Supports high input signals without distortion, ensuring clean and robust sound.
  • 13.2V Peak Maximum Output Level: Provides powerful output to drive subwoofers effectively.
  • Advanced Line Driver and Bass Processing:
  • Line Driver Circuitry: Enhances signal strength and clarity, delivering optimal audio performance.
  • Bass Equalization Circuit: Allows precise adjustment of bass frequencies to achieve the desired sound quality.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
  • Dash Mount Remote Control: Provides convenient access to adjust bass levels without needing to access the main unit.
  • Bass Maximizer Indicator: Visual indicator displaying the level of bass enhancement.
  • Bass Output Control: Offers precise control over the bass output level to match personal preferences and system requirements.
  • Adjustable Subsonic Filtering:
  • Adjustable Subsonic Filter: Filters out subsonic frequencies to protect speakers from potential damage and reduce distortion.


Bass Maximizer Processor

15V RMS Maximum Input Level

13.2V Peak Maximum Output Level

Line Driver Circuity

Bass Equalization Circuit

Dash Mount Remote Control

Bass Maximizer Indicator

Adjustable Subsonic Filter

Bass Output Control

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