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XED 12" 2Ω Loaded XED Series Bass Package


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$349.99 USD
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BKX212V - 12” Dual-Loaded Subwoofers & 1000W MAX Amplifier in Factory-Tuned Enclosure


The BKX Loaded Enclosure bass kit includes an XED Series amplifier that is compatible with your Factory Radio or Aftermarket radio systems. The enclosure is preloaded with Dual 12” XED Subwoofers in a Factory-Tuned Enclosure made out of 5/8” MDF wood. Cerwin Vega's BKX kit solves a lot of installation problems while making it Easy to add some bass to your audio system.

Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

Dual 12” Subwoofers in Factory-Tuned Enclosure

Includes - XED3001D Amplifier

5/8” MDF Vented Enclosure

Automotive grade carpet cover

Factory embroidered Cerwin-Vega logo design

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