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2 Channel Line Output Converter


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IOEMHL - 2 channel line output converter 

The Cerwin-Vega IOEMHL 2 Channel Line Output Converter is a crucial component for integrating aftermarket audio systems with factory-installed head units. Its low output impedance, high input impedance, flat frequency response, and excellent signal to noise ratios ensure superior sound quality and reliable performance. Constructed with durability in mind, the IOEMHL is designed to withstand the demands of automotive environments, providing dependable operation and enhancing the overall audio experience

The Cerwin-Vega IOEMHL is a high-quality 2-channel line output converter designed to seamlessly integrate aftermarket audio components with factory-installed head units. This converter is essential for achieving superior sound quality and ensuring compatibility with various audio systems.

Key Features:

  • Low Output Impedance: Ensures efficient signal transfer and minimizes signal loss, providing a clean and powerful audio output to connected amplifiers.
  • High Input Impedance: Maintains the integrity of the audio signal from the source, ensuring accurate and faithful sound reproduction.
  • Flat Frequency Response: Delivers consistent audio performance across the entire frequency spectrum, ensuring no distortion or coloration of the sound.
  • High Output Voltages: Provides strong signal output, ensuring that connected amplifiers receive a robust and clear signal for optimal performance.
  • Excellent Signal to Noise Ratios: Minimizes background noise and interference, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable listening experience.
  • Panel Mount RCA: Facilitates secure and reliable connections to amplifiers and other audio components, enhancing the overall durability and performance of the audio system.

Construction and Durability:

  • Constructed to Ensure Excellent Durability: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of automotive environments.
  • Made of Tough Materials: Designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring long-term reliability and consistent performance.
  • Designed for Dependable Operation: Engineered to provide consistent and reliable performance under various conditions, ensuring your audio system remains functional and efficient.


  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Output Impedance: Low, ensuring efficient signal transfer.
  • Input Impedance: High, maintaining signal integrity.
  • Frequency Response: Flat, ensuring consistent audio performance.
  • Output Voltage: High, providing a strong and clear signal.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Excellent, minimizing background noise

Low output impedance

High input impedance

Flat frequency response

High output voltages

Excellent signal to noise ratios

Panel mount rca’s

Constructed to ensure excellent durability

Made of tough materials

Designed for dependable operation

Number Of Channels: 2

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