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RPM Stroker 6.5" 2-Way Marine Coaxial Speaker


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SM65 - 6.5" RPM STROKER 2-Way Coaxial Marine  Speakers


The Cerwin Vega 6.5" 4Ω 2-Way Marine Coaxial Speaker is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their marine or outdoor audio experience with durable and high-performance speakers. With features like IP65 marine grade compliance, UV stability, and waterproof construction, these speakers are built to withstand harsh environments while delivering superior sound quality. The integrated RGB LED lighting adds a customizable aesthetic element, making these speakers not only functional but also visually appealing. Ideal for use in boats, motorcycles, and other outdoor applications, the Cerwin Vega marine coaxial speakers provide reliable and impressive audio performance.

The 6.5" 4Ω 2-Way Marine Coaxial Speaker from Cerwin Vega is designed to provide high-quality audio performance in marine and outdoor environments. These speakers are built to withstand harsh conditions while delivering exceptional sound quality. Here are the detailed features and specifications:

Key Features:

  • Speaker Configuration: 2-Way Speaker System: Features a 25mm titanium dome tweeter combined with a woofer for balanced sound reproduction across a wide frequency range.
  • Marine-Grade Durability: IP65 Marine Grade Compliance: Rated to withstand water and dust ingress, making it ideal for marine environments.
  • 100% UV Stable: Designed to resist UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting performance even with prolonged sun exposure. Waterproof and Salt Resistant: Built to endure exposure to water and salt, crucial for marine applications.
  • High-Performance Design: Ultra Small Neodymium Motor Structure: Provides powerful magnetic force for better sound performance while maintaining a compact size.
  • Max X-Max Suspension: Enhances the speaker’s ability to produce deep bass and handle high power levels.
  • Sound Quality Enhancements: Radial Zip Ring (RZR) Cone: Optimizes high-frequency reproduction, ensuring clear and crisp audio.
  • Molded, UV-Coated, Patent Pending Waterproof Composite Paper Cone: Ensures durability and resistance to environmental factors while providing excellent sound quality.
  • High Temp Injection Molded Composite Basket: Durable and heat-resistant structure that includes a proprietary wire management system for tidy and secure wiring.
  • Integrated RGB LED Lighting: Adds customizable lighting effects for enhanced visual appeal. Compatible with optional remote control (RPMRGBLC).

6.5” 2-Way 1 inch / 25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter Speaker

75W RMS / 400W MAX Power Handling

Mounting Diameter: 5.27” / 134mm

Mounting Depth: 2.28“ / 58mm

IP65 Marine Grade Compliant Specifications, 100% UV Stable

Ultra Small Neodymium Motor Structure with Max X-max Suspension Design Ideal for Motorcycle Fairings

Integrated RGB LED Lighting/RPM-RGBLC Multi Function RGB LED Lighting Remote Control Available

Radial Zip Ring (R2R) Cone for Expanded High Frequency Reproduction

High Temp injection Molded Composite Basket with Proprietary Wire Management System

Thermal Molded, UV-coated, patent pending waterproof composite paper cone

Black Grilles Included (White Optional)

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