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RPM StrokerClass-D Mono Digital Amplifier


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$379.99 USD
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SRPM750.1D - RPM Stroker Class-D Mono Digital Amplifier


RPM Stroker Series amplifiers have HUGE “dynamic” headroom capability and ALWAYS sound more powerful than rated. Latest High-Efficiency Full-Range Digital Topology. Surface Mount Component Technology with 4-Layer PCB. Common Compact Size with Single-Sided Connections and Top Mount Controls. Handles HI and LO level input up to 12V. Switched Speaker Level Turn On Option (VOX/DC Offset/REM). Input configuration switch on 4 and 5 channel amplifiers. Fully Variable 35Hz - 350Hz 12dB per Octave Crossovers.  Bass remote can be disassembled and installed in-dash. Variable Phase adjustment on ALL RPM Stroker Series amplifiers monoblocs has phase control. 

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