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98-2013 Harley Davidson® Cut-in Lid Kit with ST69CX2 - (2Ω)


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Elevate your Harley Davidson experience with the RPM HARLEY DAVIDSON® 98-2013 LID KIT WITH ST69CX2 (2Ω), the ultimate audio upgrade designed to enhance your ride like never before. Here's why this kit is the perfect choice for Harley enthusiasts:

Powerful Performance: Get ready to experience powerful, immersive sound with the ST69CX2 - 2-Way 6X9 High Power Motorsport Coax Speaker. With a remarkable power rating of 125W RMS and a nominal impedance of 2Ω, these speakers deliver exceptional audio clarity and depth that will transform your ride into a concert on wheels.

Unmatched Sensitivity: With a sensitivity rating of 93.5 dB 1W/1M, these speakers ensure that every note is heard with precision and detail, even in the noisiest riding conditions. Whether cruising down the highway or roaring through the countryside, you'll enjoy crystal-clear sound that stands out from the crowd.

Durable Construction: Engineered to withstand the elements, these speakers are water-resistant, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. From rain showers to dusty trails, you can count on your audio system to deliver consistent sound quality mile after mile.

Seamless Integration: The .5” 6”x9” Spacer Ring included in the kit ensures a perfect fit for your Harley Davidson®, allowing for seamless integration into your bike's lid. Plus, with a mounting depth of 3.875” and over-all dimensions designed to fit most Harley models, installation is quick and hassle-free.

Enhanced Riding Experience: Whether you're cruising down the open road or navigating through city streets, the RPM HARLEY DAVIDSON® 98-2013 LID KIT WITH ST69CX2 (2Ω) will take your riding experience to the next level. Feel the thrill of the open road like never before as you immerse yourself in premium sound quality that's as exhilarating as the ride itself.

Transform your Harley Davidson® into the ultimate audio powerhouse with the RPM HARLEY


.5” 6”x9” Spacer Ring

ST69CX2 - 2-Way 6X9 High Power Motorsport Coax Speaker

Power Rating: 125 W RMS

Nominal Impedance: 2Ω

Sensitivity: 93.5 dB 1W/1M

Mounting Depth: 3.875”

Cut-Out Diameter: 8.875” X 6.125”

Over-All Diameter: 9.5” X 7.25”

Over-All Height: 4.25”

Water Resistant

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