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VEGA Class-D Digital 5 Channel Amplifier


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VCU85 - VEGA Class-D Digital 5 Channel Amplifier


VEGA series amplifiers have been the staple of the Cerwin-Vega Mobile brand. It’s sleek and compact design makes installation seamless but don’t let its dimensions fool you as VEGA series amplifiers generate monstrous power output. Updated High-Efficiency Full Range Digital Topology. Enhanced Power IR Digital Chipset. Conformal-Coated 4-layer PCB. Remote Turn On Configurator - REM/DC/VOX. Boosted RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Rejection. Compact Matching Heatsink Platform Dimensions. Accepts HI and LO Level Input Up To 12V. Water Resistant.

5 Channel Full Range Digital Amplifier

100W x 4CH + 250W @ 4Ω RMS Power Output

165W x 4CH + 375W @ 2Ω RMS Power Output

330W x 2CH (Front & Rear Bridged)@ 4Ω+ 250W @ 4Ω RMS Power Output

Input Sensitivity: 0.2-10 Volt

Crossover Filter :

Frequency Response: 10-33KHz

Selectable REM / VOX / DC Turn On Modes

Selectable 2CH / 5CH Input Modes

Independent Front & Rear & Sub Inputs

Dimensions: 10.46” x 4.0” x 1.42” (265.6 x 102 x 36 mm)

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