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Cerwin Vega Featured Artists UME

Cerwin Vega Featured Artists UME
Amir Hossain|


"With a loud guitar sound and dynamic female vocals, we've always been plagued by feedback on stage - until we found Cerwin Vega.  After playing a SXSW concert with their gear, we were hooked. The vocals remained clear and the sound  powerful... finally a performance as it was intended to sound!" - Lauren Larson / UME

Ume (pronounced ooo-may) has built a reputation as one of indie rock's most electrifying bands. With their new critically acclaimed and self-released Sunshower EP and recent breakout performances at SXSW and Fun Fun Fun Fest, Ume has launched into the international spotlight DIY-style. They are set to spend the summer touring, including stops at Toronto's NXNE Festival, WOXY Lounge, and Athens' Athfest.

Behind Ume's explosive music is an unassuming trio. Guitarist/vocalist Lauren says (in her southern drawl) that show after show she meets people who don't think she could possibly have played in punk rock bands for over a decade. She has even had audience members ask if her guitar parts were pre-recorded, because "nobody could play guitar like that, wail, and flail around so much on stage."

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