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Cerwin-Vega CVI Passive Portable PA Speakers

Professional Passive Portable PA Speakers for Dynamic Performances

Combine 50 years of loudspeaker system know-how with today's technology and quality materials and great results are inevitable. The CVi Portable PA is a configurable and adaptable system that gives you command of the stage whether the gig is a lounge act, nightclub or in a main auditorium. Fully suited to support both live and recorded source material -- for both front of house and on stage – CVi is the sound solution that promises you won't be ignored. By mixing and matching components you can meet your needs today. Grow the system as your requirements expand.

Designed to deliver professional performance at a price that's pure pleasure -- the CVi system has the sonic clarity for playing intimate venues and has the brute strength to project without pain in large and open spaces. Using our efficient drivers, signature crossovers and intelligent enclosure design effectively lowers distortion, produces an accurate sound field and maintains our signature thump and high SPL output. Natural sounding instruments and vocals are assured with the PEPT Film (Mylar) compression drivers. Cerwin-Vega! designed Hemi-Conical Waveguides (90° x 60°) deliver smooth on and off axis frequency response. The result: Less pain...more gain.

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