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8 Channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP)


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2/4/6/8 IN 8 OUT DSP - CVDSP88


Cerwin-Vega Mobile expands its Digital Signal Processor category by adding the very practical and easy-to-use CVDSP66, CVDSP66LCD, and CVDSP88 models. With the ability to integrate into any auto, motorcycle, boat, or powersports vehicle, adjusting time delay, equalization, and optimizing the sound couldn't be more simple. The CVDSP66 and CVDSP66LCD feature six channels of input/output and 15 bands of equalization, while the CVDSP88 takes it up a notch and features 8 channels of input and 8 channels of output with 31 bands of equalization.

8-Channel (2/4/6/8 IN / 8 OUT) Digital Signal Processor

31 Band Parametric EQ

Fully Adjustable Crossovers

Tuning Operating Software: Windows / Android / IOS

6.5 Volts Max RCA Pre-Out Voltage

Delay Timing Alignment

Signal to Noise Ratio: > 100dB

Frequency Response: 10-25KHz

Channel Separation: > -72dB

Advanced CSR 5.0 Bluetooth Module for Music Streaming and App Control on Mobile Phone

External Antenna For Enhanced Bluetooth Signal Reception

Conformal Coated 4-Layer Footprint Circuit PC Board

4.82” x 3.1” x 1.16” (122.5 x 77.9 x 29.5 mm)

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