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7-Band Parametric EQ W/ AUX Input


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EQ770 - 7-Band Parametric EQ w/ AUX Input

Introducing the Cerwin-Vega 7-Band Parametric EQ with AUX Input, the ultimate tool for fine-tuning your audio experience to perfection.

Illuminate your ride with striking red illumination that not only enhances your dashboard but also sets the mood for an unparalleled audio journey. With up to 7 volts RMS output, experience powerful sound that fills every corner of your vehicle, delivering clarity and depth like never before.

Tailor your sound precisely with the 7-band parametric EQ, allowing you to sculpt each frequency range to suit your musical tastes and vehicle acoustics. Take control of your bass with a dedicated subwoofer level control, ensuring that every beat hits just the way you like it.

Customize your setup effortlessly with selectable low-pass filters and an MP3 input, providing versatility whether you're streaming your favorite tunes or dialing in your system for maximum impact. The Aux/Mains select switch adds another layer of flexibility, allowing seamless integration with various audio sources.

Discover a new dimension of sound with the Cerwin-Vega 7-Band Parametric EQ with AUX Input – where precision meets power, and every note resonates with clarity and definition. Elevate your audio experience today and unleash the full potential of your sound syste


Red illumination

Up to 7 volts rms out

7 Band parametric eq

Separate subwoofer level

Selectable low pass filter

Selectable mp3 input

Aux/mains select switch

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