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7-Band Parametric EQ with AUX Input


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EQ-770 - Cerwin-Vega 7-Band Parametric Equalizer with Auxiliary Input


The Cerwin-Vega EQ-770 7-Band Parametric Equalizer with Auxiliary Input is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve superior sound customization in their car audio system. Its detailed frequency control, high output capabilities, and versatile input options make it a valuable addition for both casual listeners and serious audio enthusiasts. This equalizer allows you to tailor your listening experience with precision, delivering enhanced audio performance and overall sound quality.

The Cerwin-Vega EQ-770 is a high-quality 7-band parametric equalizer designed to provide precise sound control and enhance your car audio system. This equalizer is perfect for audiophiles who want to tailor their audio experience with detailed frequency adjustments and versatile input options.

Key Features:

  • 7-Band Parametric Equalization:
  • Adjustable Frequency Bands: Provides detailed control over seven distinct frequency bands, allowing you to fine-tune the audio output to match your personal preferences.
  • High Output Level Up to 7 Volts RMS Output: Ensures a strong, clean signal is delivered to your amplifiers, minimizing noise and distortion.
  • Master and Subwoofer Volume Control:
  • Master Volume Control: Adjusts the overall volume level.
  • Subwoofer Volume Control: Dedicated control to adjust the subwoofer output level independently from the main volume.
  • Filtering Options:
  • Selectable Low Pass Filter: Allows precise control over the low-frequency output, ensuring only desired frequencies are sent to the subwoofer.
  • Versatile Input Options:
  • Selectable MP3 Input: Dedicated input for MP3 players or other portable audio devices.
  • Auxiliary Input: Additional input for connecting external audio devices.
  • Auxiliary/Main Select Switch: Easily switch between auxiliary input and main audio source.


Output Voltage: Up to 7 volts RMS

Frequency Bands: 7 adjustable bands for precise sound shaping

High-Level Input: For direct connection to speaker outputs

Auxiliary Input: For connecting external audio devices

Selectable MP3 Input: Dedicated input for MP3 players

Master Volume Control: Adjusts the overall volume

Subwoofer Volume Control: Dedicated knob for subwoofer output adjustment

Low Pass Filter: Selectable filter for subwoofer tuning

Auxiliary/Main Select Switch: Toggle between auxiliary and main input sources

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